Program benefit delivery

Program benefit delivery deliverables and objectives


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Methodologies are a tool box comprised of processes, guidelines, techniques, software, and templates.  The tools and how they are used are selected to fit the program so that the risks, benefits, and complexities can be appropriately managed for that unique program.  The chart below outlines program management deliverables and tools that can be used in program benefit delivery.  An 'x' indicates that deliverable or template is highly recommended.  

Communication plan 

(last revised May 26, 2015)

updates to Stakeholder register 

(last revised May 1, 2015)

updates to Program management plan

(last revised Jul 6, 2015)

Program change request

(last revised Jun 25, 2015)

Detailed Status Update (DOCX)

(last revised Jun 12, 2015)

Governance status update (DOCX) or (PPTX )

(last revised Jul 9, 2015)

updates to RAID log (risks, actions, issues, decisions)

(last revised Jul 9, 2015)

updates to Benefits register 

(last revised Jul 8, 2015)

Meeting Minutes (DOCX)

(last revised Apr 12, 2012)
Program health checks x

The program benefit delivery phase encompasses planning and execution of the program.  Delivery within a program takes years, not months, and encompasses the following activities:

  • planning
    • defining program benefits
    • creating a program roadmap for components (projects and initiatives within the program) and benefit delivery
    • defining component priorities and dependencies
    • planning for the organizational change the program will introduce
  • executing
    • managing program benefits
    • monitoring and maintaining a program roadmap for components and benefit delivery
    • component authorization and execution
    • oversight of program and program components, including management of budget/costs, risk, communications, stakeholders, teams, procurement, and issues at the program level
    • managing the organizational change introduced by the program

At the end of the program benefit delivery phase, a set of deliverables should have been completed to contribute towards the realization of program objectives, benefits, and vision.  Measurement of benefits and objectives will take place during program closure.

PMO services to support program benefit delivery

  • provisioning a program manager
  • assistance towards
    • determining success criteria for your program
    • creating a program roadmap and management plan
  • program health checks
    • a health check should be conducted once the roadmap and program planning are complete
    • periodic program health checks should be conducted during delivery
      • note that larger projects within the program will undergo their own health checks

To request these services, please submit a ticket to the PMO.