Project closure deliverables and objectives

Methodologies are a tool box comprised of processes, guidelines, techniques, software, and templates.  The tools and how they are used are selected to fit the project so that the risks and complexities can be appropriately managed for that unique project.  The chart below outlines project management deliverables and tools that can be used in project closure.  An 'x' indicates that deliverable or template is highly recommended based on a project's size or complexity.  Larger initiatives are also included in the chart, since they can also benefit from some of these tools.


Small Medium Large Initiatives

Satisfaction survey

(last revised Aug 2015)

  x x  
Lessons Learned Meeting   x x  

Summary of lessons learned

(last revised Jan 6, 2016)

x x x x

Closure report

(last revised Aug 17, 2015)

x x x x

Closure presentation

(last revised Oct 13, 2015)

Closure meeting with PMO   x x  

Individual project goals updates, if applicable


Closure should also include a Service Management Plan for the transition of the final deliverable to operations as a service.

The project closure phase objectives include:

  • acknowledge project completion, with a final sponsor sign off/acceptance of deliverable(s)
  • assess project success
  • identify, document, and share best practices and lessons learned with other projects
  • release the project team
  • provide an opportunity to thank the project team for their efforts and congratulate them on their accomplishments
  • provide an opportunity for final project communications to stakeholders and others interested in the project
  • transition the deliverable(s) to operations
  • transition outstanding issues and benefit measurements to operations
  • forward future initiatives and projects into ideation and intake processes
  • provide an opportunity to share project team members' new skills with their managers
  • provide feedback into continuous improvement of project management methodology
  • update the project and portfolio information
  • archive project management artifacts

The closure phase stages the final deliverable(s) for ongoing operations.

PMO services to support project closure

  • Facilitation and/or consulting towards:
    • issuing the project satisfaction survey and providing the anonymous responses
    • lessons learned collection and documentation
    • project success measures
    • closure report
  • A closure meeting to:
    • share project experiences for continuous improvement into project management processes
    • share business experiences
    • answer any questions and offer assistance
    • discuss project success and how PMO may help future projects
    • update the project and portfolio information
    • understand how closure of this project enables other portfolio projects or programs
    • discuss recommendations the PMO may assist with implementing
    • bring forward future initiatives and projects
    • discuss benefit realization
    • archive project management artifacts
  • project artifact library to research historical projects with similar characteristics

To request these services, please submit a ticket to the PMO.

Project closure inputs and outputs

diagram of inputs and outputs for project closure process

Project closure process