Health checks

Health check reports and questionnaires

Purpose and objectives of health checks

The purpose of a project/program health check is to gain an independent assessment, at any point during the project/program life cycle, of how well a project or program is performing in accordance with its objectives and how well it adheres to the methodology’s best practices.  An effective health check will provide access to immediate findings that can be used by the project/program manager and sponsor during planning and execution of the project/program.  It provides opportunities to expand on what is going well, and make improvements where necessary, increasing the likelihood of success due to earlier detection of issues and optimisation opportunities.

Health checks that are done during the project/program will ensure that:

  • project/program is performing according to its stated objectives, goals, vision, and/or success criteria
  • project/program methodology is being used correctly
  • best practices are maintained
  • the success and effectiveness of a project/program can be measured
  • exposure to risk is being actively managed
  • change and corrective actions are being actively managed and documented
  • recommended improvements are identified early in the project/program when change is easier, less costly, and can prevent later issues
  • opportunities for improvement for future projects/programs are available due to learnings from current projects/programs

Timing of health checks

Ideally, health checks are a tool that can be used to keep the project/program from running into trouble.  To do this, health checks should be scheduled at the completion of project planning or program definition, and also during project execution or program benefit delivery.  The number of health checks scheduled during execution should increase with the size and complexity of the project/program.

Projects or programs that are running into trouble should immediately schedule a health check with the PMO to assist towards identifying possible changes to recover the project.

Health checks should be accounted for in the project/program plans and schedules.

Health check inputs and outputs

Diagram illustrating the contributors and resources used in project health checks

Health check process

When you submit a request for a health check, you will be contacted by the PMO to begin the process.  The PMO will talk to you about stakeholders and who should be interviewed to get an overall perspective on the health of our project/program.  The PMO may also ask to see some of the documentation that has been done to date.

Interviews will be conducted and you will receive a final report from the PMO that outlines key observations, potential impacts, and recommendations.  Interview details will not be shared and will be kept confidential between the interviewee and the PMO resource(s) assigned to the health check.

It is up to the project's governance and/or PM and/or sponsor to determine how to proceed with any of the recommended changes in the report.  These changes will not be enforced and monitored by the PMO.  However, some of the same observations may be repeated in any follow up health checks for the same project/program if changes were not made.

The PMO is available to assist with making any desired changes or to further consult on these changes, if desired by the project/program.

Additional information:

To request this service, please submit a ticket to the PMO.