Welcome to the Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) within the office of the Vice-President, Administration and Finance (VPAF) serves as a focal point for and provides leadership and stewardship for a number of key practices related to portfolio, project and program management. We accomplish this by providing resources and expertise to groups in the broader campus community. Our scope of responsibilities includes such activities as:

  • Provide visibility, maintenance, and reporting for the VPAF portfolio
  • Advance our project and program management practice through the standardization and adoption of formal PM methodologies, tools and process
  • Provide skills and expertise towards the management of projects and programs


Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Updates to the Website

We are excited to say that we have a number of changes planned for the website. First, is the move of the site to WCMS 3. The new content types and functionality means a change to the look and feel. We have added a few things and removed a few things during the move. Second, we will be introducing Agile and other relevant content to the site. Keep our eye out for changes in the coming months -- exciting changes are happening.

Do you have ideas for changes, or a favourite project management resource?  Drop us a line and let us know!

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Project Management Workshops

Introductory project management workshops are offered on a termly basis to employees and students. Currently, we offer the following courses:

  • Intro to Project Management
  • Creating a Project Charter
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Planning

Workshop dates and times can be viewed in the ITPD calendar, with sign up through Workday.

You can request a customized workshop via our service portal.