Services available

The PMO provides project management support for a diverse range of projects that vary in size and complexity, both within and outside of the VPAF office. While the team tends to manage larger, higher-risk projects, small and medium sized projects that range in complexity may be supported. Our experience has shown that the proper application of project management best practices, regardless of size or complexity, leads to more successful outcomes.

How we can help

Services offered through the PMO:

  • library of tools, processes, templates, and best practices for project and program methodologies
  • assignment of experienced project and program managers to large, high risk, or strategically aligned projects and programs, as resources and budget allow

    • The PMO will provide project and program managers to projects and programs where:

      • Programs involve multiple units
      • Projects are strategically aligned, large or medium in size, with substantial or moderate complexity (see project complexity), with a number of medium risks to be mitigated
      • Special requests outside of the above criteria will be assessed individually based on need and resource availability
  • Coordinate/provide training on project and program management concepts and best practices
  • Facilitate the project and portfolio management community of practice
  • Improve communication and information sharing for projects and programs in progress
  • Conduct project health checks
  • Provide consulting/mentoring support to your projects and staff
  • Ongoing managing, monitoring, and reporting of the portfolio of projects

By the numbers

The below figures are representative of the work completed by the PMO during 2022.