Colloque: 2014, New York

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Women and community in the Ancien Régime: Traditional and new media

Les evangiles des quenouillesJuin 2014:

The Fourth International MARGOT Conference aura lieu à Barnard College, Columbia University, New York City.

Voir l'agenda de l'événement passé.

Scholarly Focus

This three-day conference will feature research and teaching approaches that explore how women participated in and contributed to different kinds of community in medieval and early modern Europe.  Conference sessions will feature presentations based on texts and images in traditional manuscript and print format, as well as work that employs new technology and media projects. The conference will be interdisciplinary and will consider the function and importance of female communities in the natural and social sciences, religion, literature, history, music and fine arts.

Presentation topics may explore women in:

  • Medical communities; midwifery
  • Religious communities and non-orthodox or heretical groups
  • Salons and académies
  • Women and the Republic of Letters
  • Epistolary communities
  • Literary circles
  • Artists’ and performing artists’ communities
  • Guilds
  • Oral communities; storytelling

Resources and approaches used may include:

  • Print and Manuscript format
  • Digital resources of all kinds
  • Online publication of texts and images
  • Database design and creation
  • Material culture and artifacts
  • Film