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Ballian, however, had taken the tongue of the giant. She rightfully claims the victory and is named seneschal and marshal of Toledo. She leads a battle against Marsilie and succeeds at establishing a two year armistice.

Florie, daughter of the ruler of Toledo, falls in love with Ballian. Ballian reveals her true identity, at which news, the ruler of Toledo decides to marry Alis. The night before the wedding, Alis prays that she will be saved from this union because she had learnt that Herpin is still alive. A voice from above tells her to flee and to disguise herself as a beggar and to roam the streets of Toledo.

The next day, the ruler discovers that Alis is gone. He accuses Florie of having gotten rid of Alis and threatens to execute Florie. However, the two magicians Gombaut and Mandait, tell the ruler that Florie is innocent, that Alis is Christian and that she has a son, Lion.

In the meantime, Herpin has spent eighteen years at the hermitage with the abbot. They are attacked by Saracens, and the abbot is killed. Herpin defeats the assailants, puts on their armour, and travels to Rome where he kills the sultan of Acre, ruler of Palermo. Herpin is honoured with a magic ring from the pope. This incites jealousy in Gaudiffer, the leader of the Christian troupes and previous favourite of the pope.

Gaudiffer invites Herpin to a pilgrimage. On the first night, while Herpin is sleeping, he steels the magic ring. The next day, in the port of Brindisi, Gaudiffer sells Herpin to a group of traders. Their boat takes him, as well as other prisoners, to a prison of the king of Cyprus. He is given to the ruler of Toledo. Florie intervenes to save the life of the prisoners and reminds the ruler that they could be useful against Marsilie.

Just before the tournament of Monlusant, Lion asks Bauduyn for a horse worthy of such a match. Bauduyn, still in financial ruin, decides to disclose to Lion that he is not his real father. Lion leaves in search for his real parents, taking with him, the piece of silk in which he had been wrapped.

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