Lion de Bourges: Folios 181 - 183 (lines 33835-34355)

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During Margalie and Henry's wedding celebration, Herpin de Chypre arrives in Palermo with twenty thousand men. He reminisces about the oath he made to his dying wife as well as the mutilation of his daughter Joieuse. Olivier therefore realizes that his wife Tristouse is the daughter of Herpin. He explains this to Herpin and tells him of the betrayal of Béatris, which is the cause for the disappearance of Joieuse.

That night, Lion announces that he must leave, since he swore to Clariande that he would not miss the meeting that he set up with her. In the morning, Lion leaves and disappears forever, probably to the kingdom of the fairies.

Two weeks later, Sinagon flees from Palermo and Guillaume is once again crowned in his city. A few months later, Olivier and Herpin de Chypre arrive in Rome. By chance, they go to the hotel where Joieuse is staying. After their meal, Olivier sees a child playing with a gold ring; it rolls to Olivier who recognizes that it is the wedding ring belonging to Joieuse. The child leads Olivier to his mother who is in her room, sick. Upon seeing Olivier, she faints. While Olivier tells Joieuse of Beatris' schemes, the cook of the hotel finds the hand of Joieuse in the stomach of a sturgeon. Joieuse takes the hand and the Holy Father miraculously reattaches it. Herpin leaves for Chypre while Olivier takes Joieuse back to Burgos.

In the meantime, Henry claims his rights and those of his wife Suzanne on India, then they return to Palermo where they live with Guillaume, until the day when Girart declares his love for Suzanne. Henry kills Girart, and then poisons Guillaume before fleeing to India with Suzanne.

When Gracienne learns of the death of her lord Guillaume, she calls upon Olivier to go in pursuit of Henry by whom he is killed on the day of the Ascension. Joieuse remains inconsolable and her children are raised in Burgos until the age when they can take revenge on Henry.

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