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Before his departure, Lion convinces Bauduyn to equip him as a knight and promises to pay back all that he has spent.

A spy warns the seneschal of Florence that Lion is on his way to the tournament of Monlusant. The seneschal plans an ambush in which Lion is taken prisoner. Thiéry, the jailer, releases Lion and decides to accompany him to the tournament. On the fourth day of their journey, Lion and Thiéry are attacked by fourteen bandits and Thiéry is killed. Lion gives Thiéry a Christian burial.

On his way towards Monlusant, Lion meets Ganor, the squire that had formerly served Herpin and Alis. After having noticed the striking resemblance between Lion and his parents, Ganor tells him that Herpin and Alis were banished from Bourges and from the kingdom of France and that he has been searching for them for the last fifteen years.

Lion promises to join the squire in his efforts, but only after the tournament of Monlusant. Ganor agrees to accompany Lion to Sicily. During a short stop at a chapel outside of Monlusant, Lion learns that his father is probably the hermit that lives near Rome. Ganor wants to leave and follow this new lead immediately, but Lion decides to postpone the departure until after the tournament. Little impressed by Lion’s armor all of the innkeepers of Monlusant refuse to give him lodging. However, when Lion offers to pay with his own deniers for the funeral of a knight in debt and whose body was kept as a security by an innkeeper, the innkeeper accepts to lodge him.

A few days after the funeral, Lion invites all of the knights who will participate in the tournament to a great celebration thrown by Thiéry, Lion’s innkeeper. The hero tries to assure Thiéry that he will be able to pay for all the expenses. During the afternoon, all the tournament participants parade in front of the princess Florantine. She admires all of the knights, but it is Lion that gains her attention and she offers him her wreath of roses.

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