_Service catalogue - Client computer support

Summary: MFCF provides full lifecycle support of Windows, macOS, Thin Clients, and Linux computing platforms. This includes consulting on the requirements of equipment, purchasing, setting up operating system (OS) and supported software, deploying on campus, maintaining, and disposing.

Maintenance includes responding to user reported incidents, as well as regular security and software updates.

MFCF will be responsible for moving equipment in the Faculty.

Why you want this service: You need help from computer support experts to solve problems with University owned computers.

What you need before using this service: Your computing requirements.

What you get when you use this service: Device with OS and software to meet the agreed upon requirements.

  • hardware purchased from preferred supplier following procurement procedures
  • hardware service provided by the vendor
  • all equipment moves will be handled by MFCF
  • vendor-supported OS no older than latest release tested by MFCF minus one
  • any software included in campus license agreements
  • administrative staff and specialty lab computers will be replaced every six years
  • owners of other supported computers will be notified when the computer is five years old and support will be terminated at six years
  • the Help Centre may provide limited support for a recently released OS that has not been tested by MFCF

What you don't get when you use this service:

  • hardware maintenance by MFCF staff
  • software not included in campus agreements
  • any OS not supported by an open source community or commercial enterprise

How to use this service:

Contact the MFCF Help Centre:

When you can use this service: See the Help Centre hours below. You can submit RT items at any time but they will not be addressed until the next time the Help Centre is open.

First response to customer request will be within one business day. After that timelines will be negotiated with the requestor and tracked. A complete consultation, purchase, and deployment of a computer will normally be completed in one month.

Troubleshooting an OS or application issue will be limited to four hours after which the OS or application will be reinstalled. The user will be notified of the need to reinstall and will be given the opportunity to save data if possible.

Where you can use this service: You can contact the Help Centre by phone from anywhere on campus.