Strategic overview

Directions, choices and decisions are guided by our mission, vision, values and service constituency.

Our mission

To provide computing and information technology (IT) and service that enhances, enables and advances the Faculty of Mathematics strategic framework. These include:

  • a vibrant research environment and enriched graduate student experience
  • outstanding undergraduate teaching and learning environment
  • supporting leading-edge, dynamic academic programs
  • regular, relevant and timely communications and engagement
  • outstanding Faculty infrastructure and service

We contribute to and use the campus-wide strategic plan for IT in our decision making.

Our vision

To be leaders in providing enabling technology and service that advance research, learning and effective administration for the mathematical, statistical and computer sciences.

We value

  • collaboration, co-operation and community
  • effectiveness, impact and innovation
  • fairness, integrity and transparency
  • reputation and service
  • security and privacy

We serve

The service constituency of the Math Faculty Computing Facility includes the faculty, students, staff and visitors of the academic departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and the office of the Dean of Mathematics.

The service constituency of the Computer Science Computing Facility includes the faculty, students, staff and visitors of the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science.