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Shared resources

  • These include computational resources (e.g. cpu, storage, displays, bandwidth, peripherals) and physical space (labs, shared offices, study areas)
  • Food and drink are not allowed in any shared physical space provided by the Faculty for computational purposes (e.g. all labs, shared graduate offices, etc.); the only exception is non-spillable drink containers. Departmental units are responsible for enforcing this rule in shared physical space within their unit.
  • Resources are to be used for academic purposes (see description of ethical use)
  • Do not monopolize resources (e.g. occupying public lab space for long periods of time, running computationally intensive processes at high priority, downloading large data sources at peak times, etc.)
  • Be mindful of those around you (e.g. work quietly so as to not disturb others) and sensitive to their needs
  • Violations may be dealt with by denying access to the shared resource
  • Contact Math Faculty Computing Facility to report any problems related to a shared resource

Lab Bookings

  • Computing labs may be booked for academic purposes by anyone in the Faculty of Mathematics and by others (again for academic purposes only) upon approval of the Associate Dean, Computing.
  • Contact MFCF Help to book (

Non-UWaterloo resources

  • External services (email, off-site files, ...)
    • Many of these are accessible to others, including foreign governments. They are not to be used for any university business that may contain sensitive information as described in Policy 46 - Information Management.

University of Waterloo computing rules

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