Ethical use

The provision of a computer account carries with it certain conditions and responsibilities.

  • Misuse may result in the termination/suspension of privileges and/or submission of the case to an appropriate disciplinary committee.
    • Policy 71 - Student Discipline sets out penalties for misconduct ranging from a letter of reprimand and disciplinary probation to suspension or expulsion
  • Use of resources for a purpose other than that for which they were granted is considered inappropriate. 
    • E.g. students provided with resources for carrying out work related to a course or courses or project or thesis should confine the use of the resources to activities related to this work. It is inappropriate to use resources for personal use.
    • E.g. providing a website for any group, organization, activity, etc. that isn't a part of the Faculty of Mathematics is inappropriate.
    • E.g. it is inappropriate to share an account with others (e.g., your best friend!) or to obtain illicitly access to another's account.
  • Attempting to attain unauthorized access to another's directories or files or in any way attempting to `break' system security is unacceptable, even if it is for purposes of browsing only and not for acquiring data.
    • Breaches, or discovered potential breaches, of security, should be reported to MFCF so that steps may be taken to prevent further occurrences.
  • Unethical conduct (see Policy 33 - Ethical behaviour) using a computing resources is inappropriate.  
    • E.g. harassment of an individual via email or other media violates this policy.

University of Waterloo computing rules

UWaterloo policies relevant to computing resources and information


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