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MFCF supports the computing needs of all members and visitors of the Faculty of Mathematics with the exception of members and visitors of the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science. These persons should instead contact our colleagues in the Computer Science Computing Facility (CSCF) for service.

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  1. Jan. 11, 2023M3 generator test Saturday January14

    On Saturday January 14, there will be a test of a portable generator for the datacentre in M3 starting at 9 a.m. If all goes well, there will be no interruption to any services. If there is an unexpected failure, it is possible that the M3 datacentre could lose power. If that were to happen, we would begin shutting down machines while there is battery back-up, but we might not be able to complete clean shut-downs before batteries are exhausted, in which case some machines would crash. In the worst case this would include files.math. The likelihood of this seems very low.

  2. Dec. 13, 2022Update: Dec.28 upgrades of files.math windows.math windows.student.math


    The upgrades of the central file servers files.math and files.student.math are complete and full access restored.  The windows.math and windows.student.math clusters are in service again, but with some nodes removed for routine system and application upgrades.  Those nodes will be returned to service before the new year.  End users should not notice any side-effect.  Please submit a service request if you encounter problems.


  3. Nov. 18, 2022New Linux CPU servers

    Two new Linux CPU servers are available.  cpu155.math.private is "fast" and cpu156.math.private is "big". Both are running Ubuntu 22.04 rather than 18.04 like all the others, so they are not yet members of the fast and big pools. Please log in directly to try them out. Starting in January 2023 we will add them to the pools and start converting the other members to Ubuntu 22.04.  Please report any problems via an RT ticket.

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