Research and staff Linux servers

The general-purpose research and staff Linux servers can be used by graduate students, faculty, and staff. They provide access to various software, including Matlab, Maple, R, and much more.

Only users with a research or staff account have access to these servers.

MFCF also manages a collection of specialty research servers including HPC clusters and GPU servers.

Pools of servers

  • there are three categories of machines with these aliases:
    • linux.math - for general light-duty interactive tasks
    • biglinux.math - for large-memory, long-running, or parallel jobs
    • fastlinux.math - for smaller single process jobs where speed is most important
  • log in by using ssh to one of those aliases, e.g. ssh biglinux.math
  • see sidebar link for hardware details about machines in each category

Software environment

As of May 2021, the last server in the traditional environment was removed from the pool.  All Linux CPU servers in the pool use the new environment.  See sidebar link for details about the software environment. 

Please report problems to the MFCF Help Centre or via an RT ticket.