Software environment on Linux servers

Traditional environment

The last machine in the traditional environment, cpu139.math, was removed from the pool in April 2021. All the Linux CPU servers in production use the new environment.

New environment

  • deployed after 2018
  • authentication is by WatIAM password only, no more local password option
  • home directories are still on the central files.math server but are auto-mounted when you log in
  • different configuration management system
    • NOTE: if your account is older than May 2015 your shell control files (e.g. .cshrc) may need to be udpated. Contact and ask us to run init_home for you. Symptoms include error messages like /bin/showpath: No such file or directory
  • operating system: Ubuntu 22.04 (a few are still at 18.04)
  • compiler: GCC 11.4
  • default python is 3.10
  • use the module command
    • see what's available: module avail
      • note the indicators for modules that are preloaded by default versus optional for you to load yourself
    • load a particular module, e.g. module load julia/1.9.2

Mathematical Software

See mathematical software for faculty and graduate students' research.