While the legal aspects of information handling are covered by Policy 46:


the daily handling of information within the Mathematics Faculty requires a "best practices" approach:

1) Do not store information on local drives.  The storage solutions provided by MFCF and CSCF through "files.math" and the department drives are both secure and redundant and hence the right place for data storage. files.math may be accessed from home following these instructions.

For confidential, restricted, or highly restricted files, consult IST's guidelines for secure data exchange:


2) Use cloud sharing with care.  Sensitive information such as grades should not move off University servers and sharing should occur either through LEARN or a secure cloud solution like OwnCloud. Policy 46 outlines UW’s approach to the types of information we handle.

3) Minimize the number of local copies and take time to properly dispose of out of date information.

4) Practice proper password standards: 


University of Waterloo computing rules

UWaterloo policies relevant to computing resources and information


Buying hardware/software: