Research and staff file storage

MFCF provides an enterprise-quality central file server called files.math for graduate students, faculty, and staff.  We strongly recommend that you use it for any important files. It features:

  • high-performance RAID array
  • redundant components provide fault tolerance
  • frequent "snapshots" for easy self-serve recovery of deleted files or older versions of files
  • data replication to near-line storage for disaster recovery
  • off-site long-term backups

The MFCF Linux and Windows servers use this file server for your home directory.  MFCF-managed Mac minis have a files.math icon on the desktop that leads to your files on this file server.  All "departmental drives" are on this file server.

MFCF strongly recommends storing all important files on remote storage to ensure it is available if your computer becomes unusable.  Do not store important files on your local computer disk drive without ensuring it is backed up.

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