Adding printers to your computer

You should add printers to your computer the first time you gain access to a printer or when you need to remove and reconnect a printer for troubleshooting purposes.


  • your userid requires permission to use the desired printer, otherwise jobs will be rejected by the printer
  •  request access



Bound to Nexus (if you sign in to the machine with your UWuserid and password):

  • click search, type in \\ and hit enter
  • a list of printers will come up
  • double click on the desired printers and they will be installed

Standalone (if you do not sign in to the machine with your UWuserid and password):

  • click search, type in \\ and hit enter
  • you will be prompted to enter your Nexus credentials. Enter nexus\UWuserid under User name and your password under Password, click OK.
  • a list of printers will come up
  • double click on the printers you want to add and they will be installed


MFCF managed Mac

  • open the Applications Folder and look for Self Service
  • sign in using your 8 character WatIAM user ID and password
  • on the left side, click Browse
  • under Browse, click on Printers
  • find the printer you wish to add and click Install Printer


  • download and install drivers from the printer list page
    • if the Installer tries to discover printers, tell it to continue without doing that discovery and configuration. You complete the configuration in the next steps.
  • open a Terminal window
  • refer to the printer list page to find the appropriate command for the printer you wish to add
  • copy and paste the command into Terminal and pressenter
  • the printer will be added


  • the first time a job is sent it goes into the local print queue on the Mac
  • enter UWuserid and password > click to remember in keychain if you prefer
  • if queue displays message:  Hold for authentication, click icon to retry (circular arrow)

Linux (Specifically Ubuntu 22.04)

  • get information about the printer such as the printer name and model
    • the printer's name and model can often be found on the printer itself
    • you can also use this list to help you find a printer
    • the following printer-installation-commands can help you find the model
  • access a terminal and install printer related packages
    • click: Activities at the top left
    • enter: Terminal
    • enter: sudo apt update
    • enter: sudo apt -y install smbclient foomatic-db-compressed-ppds
  • open the add printer window
    • click: Activities at the top left
    • enter: Settings
    • click: Printers
    • click: Additional Printer Settings
      • note: not Add Printer !!!
    • click: Inside the Additional Printer Settings window click Add
    • click: Network Printer > Windows printer via SAMBA
    • enter: smb://<printer_name>
      • note: the printer name uses underscore
    • click Set authentication details now and enter your Nexus credentials
      • username: nexus\<UWuserid>
      • password: <password>
      • note: skip verify
    • click Forward/Next
  • select the printer driver
    • first try exploring the printer model in Select printer from database
    • If you are unable to find a driver perhaps you can find it from:
      • save the PPD to your computer and then continue the printer driver setup using Provide PPD File