_Service catalogue - Teaching Linux

Summary: The teaching environment includes the service of providing Linux computing resources that can be accessed from multiple platforms. The Linux operating system (OS) is a Red Hat-based open source distribution.

Why you want this service: You use this service if you want to use Linux server hardware to perform computations for the purpose of teaching.

What you before using this service: Standard university Nexus account. 

What is incuded in this service: Access to Linux servers owned and operated by MFCF. 

Default, optional and excluded items: Home directories are located on the central file server (files.student.math). Users are expected not to monopolize a machine.

What is not included in this service: Users are not granted root access. In-depth application support is not provided.

How to use this server:

Student Linux server

Where you can use this service: You can SSH connect to this environment from any computer and campus and remotely using VPN.

When can you use this service:

The standard service level terms apply.

Who can use this service:

  • Current undergraduate students
  • Current graduate students
  • Faculty

Service category: