Student Linux server specifications

There are two Linux CPU servers in the teaching environment.

  • the OS is Ubuntu 22.04
  • application software is available via discrete 'modules' that you can load and unload
    • some modules are pre-loaded for you
    • use the command module avail to see what is available
  • home directories are auto-mounted from the central files.student.math server when you log in
  • if your account is older than May 2015 you may need MFCF to run init_home on your account
linux.student.math servers
host name OS make/model CPU memory
cpu24.student.math Ubuntu 22.04 Dell M640 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6150 (Skylake) 18-core 2.7 GHz 256 GB
cpu25.student.math Ubuntu 22.04 Dell R840 4 Intel Xeon Gold 6230 (Cascade Lake) 20-core 2.1 GHz 768 GB

Please report problems to the MFCF Help Centre or via an RT ticket.