Time requirements for MFCF service


Service/support type

Time frame Notes
Account set up 48 hours notice

Account request form

Accounts include…

  • Group research machines managed by MFCF, visitor, new hire (faculty and staff)
  • email accounts for permanent staff/faculty only; others use external email address
  • Visitors less than one month can use departmental guest accounts
  • In request, include…
    • UWuserid and student number; an email will be sent when the account is ready
      • enrolled grad accounts are set up automatically with registration
    • Name of Mac mini(s) 
      • admin access for grads in AM, C&O, PM and CompMath (no SAS)
    • shared drive access
    • printers

Notify MFCF if the user need access to group research machines

New equipment consultation 1 week notice

Must be done for all staff new/rollover equipment

New faculty should arrange for an initial consultation to learn about available services and provide specifications for computer equipment they will purchase

Purchasing 2-4 weeks for delivery

Timeframe depends on equipment and vendor

Set up 1 week after arrival  
Deployment Mutually agreed time MFCF will deliver equipment and complete any setup that requires the user to be present
Bulk moves 3 weeks notice

Submit a spreadsheet with the following

  • Old room, new room, desk #, student UWuserid, barcode, machine name
Mac mini moves 72 hours for reimaging

Submit RT

Network connections 24 hours notice Following infomation is required:
  • Is it a personal or University of Waterloo owned machine?, room number, port number (in the form of one letter, two numbers ex: A02), operating system, expiry address
  • MAC hardware address
Offboarding 1 week notice

Submit an RT for account of person leaving the University and include:

  • the name of the person leaving
  • name of computer and list of accessories to be returned to MFCF
  • computing resources (e.g. linux.math, windows.math) to remove access
  • shared drives to remove access
  • printers to remove acccess
  • any special instructions for archiving data

New term

Service/support type Time frame Notes
Equipment moves for URSA, Grads, Visitors 2 weeks before

Submit an RT

USRA accounts 5 days before

In request, include...

  • UWuserid, student number; you will receive email confirmation when the account is ready
  • Name of Mac mini
  • Supervisor's authorization for admin permissions

Notify MFCF if the USRA needs access to group research machines

ID is needed to pick up password from Help Centre (if applicable)

Fiscal Year end

Service/support type Time frame
Submit RT for equipment purchases 8 weeks before