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Despite working for it for years, graduation can feel unexpected. It's the end of an era, the beginning of a new one — a big, surreal transition. No one knows this better than Ola Idris (BA '22) and Safyya Cissé (BSc '22). Members of Waterloo's Class of 2022, they joined the podcast to look back on their time as students, share the advice they'd give to their younger selves, and discuss that surreal feeling of being a new grad.

Show notes

(3:23) Safyya shares the career lessons she learned as a co-op student

(6:30) Ola shares the growth she found through the Black Associate for Student Expression

(8:00) COVID learning curves and creating a digital community

(11:52) What do you wish someone had told you in first year?

(14:42) "You can plan … but it's not up to you"

(16:59) "I don't regret anything"

(20:06) It's okay to pursue something outside the degree you have

(22:15) Why start a podcast and what will come next for it?

(30:04) What's happening post-graduation? #Rest

(37:02) Ola and Safyya end the episode with "curated for the culture," a segment taken from the Concept: Culture podcast

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Made it by Teyana Taylor: Watch the music video that Ola and Safyya suggest for fellow graduates

Beyonce's graduation address to the class of 2020: Watch the full address, as recommended by Safyya