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During her time as a communications officer for an Indigenous school board in Manitoba, Tracelyn Cornelius (MEB '21, PhD in progress) witnessed the devastating effects of what happens when business and environmental concerns aren’t aligned. These instances inspired her to pivot her career into exploring the relationship of business, sustainability and inclusivity.   

Tracelyn completed the masters of environment and business program and is now a PhD student in the sustainability and management program at the University of Waterloo. Her research focuses on the importance of knowledge mobilization for equity, diversity and inclusivity and how equality is core to sustainable development.  

As the anti-racism communications manager at UWaterloo, she challenges oppressive narratives by implementing strategies to develop better understanding and inclusivity. Tracelyn joins the podcast to discuss the importance of inclusive language in communications and explore the intersection of sustainability and equality.  

Show notes

(2:15) Tracelyn explains her career and education journey 

(4:35) The impact of negligence on the environment and communities 

(6:42) Why purse a MEB? 

(8:29) Tracelyn’s roots in equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) 

(9:51) The intersection of sustainability and inclusivity 

(13:56) Research into knowledge mobilization and EDI 

(14:38) What is inclusive language? 

(19:10) Avoiding performative activism  

Mentions and links

“Go Mommy”: Read Tracelyn’s story about her work in inclusivity and sustainability in the Fall 2022 UWaterloo magazine. 

Inclusive communications guide: Tracelyn played a major role in creating the inclusive language guide for UWaterloo – take a look!