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Finding the right career path can be hard, even when it's sitting in front of your face.

Nadia Hohn (BA '01) is the author behind seven books for children. But until this year, she never believed that she could make a career in writing.In fact, she spent years feeling unsure of her career choices and searching for a new path. All the while, she was a passionate writer… but only in her free time.

Nadia joins the podcast to share how she eventually took the plunge into a writing career, and how it fits into her work as an advocate for diversity.

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Show notes

(1:23): Nadia shares the many career paths she considered

(3:21): The need to be creative

(6:56): The fear of making a career out of writing

(7:59): How writing helped Nadia cope with cancer

(11:56): Cancer as a catalyst

(13:00): Nadia tells the story of getting her first book published

(20:45): Becoming a "Writer with a capital 'W'"

(26:31): The many jobs of an author

(29:12): What's next for Nadia?

(30:15): Nadia's work as an advocate for diverse voices and anti-racism in literature

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