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Ocular Health Clinic

Ocular Health Clinic is primarily a referral clinic where patients with ocular disease or a risk of developing ocular disease are examined and treated. Referrals are accepted from any of our internal clinic areas, as well as from other optometrists, family and other physicians, occupational therapists, etc. Patients may contact us without referral; however, past information on their healthcare is generally requested. Emergency services are provided.

Conditions monitored include:

  • ocular surface disease (e.g., dry eye, lid abnormalities, facial nerve palsy including post-acoustic neuroma removal, and Sjogren's syndrome-related disease)
  • lid and other anterior segment diseases
  • diseases and disorders of the retina and vitreous (e.g., age-related macular degeneration, diabetic-related eye disease, peripheral retinal findings etc.)
  • glaucoma and other optic nerve diseases
  • ocular manifestations of systemic diseases and their therapies

Specialized testing used in diagnosis and management includes:

  • ophthalmic ultrasound
  • retinal and anterior segment photography
  • computerized visual field analysis
  • retinal and optic nerve tomography
  • optical coherence tomography.

Referral to, or consultation with, other health care providers is initiated when secondary eye care is required or systemic disease concerns are identified.


Members of the public, including the university community, are examined generally on referral from a health care professional, on referral from the other clinics in the School of Optometry and Vision Science, or on an urgent care basis.

To book an appointment with the Ocular Health clinic, please call: 519-888-4623 or University of Waterloo 519-888-4567 ext. 84623.

For a regular eye exam, call our Primary Care clinic at 519-888-4062