• Combination of SPME as non-invasive sample preparation technique and GCxGC-TOFMS for high resolution profiling of metabolites in apples: method development considerations and potential of new invivo SPME formats, Sanja Risticevic (gcgc_tofinvivoapplesspme.pdf)
  • Solid phase microextractionin food analysis: method development considerations and artifact formation,  Sanja Risticevic (spme_coatingsfoodanalysis.pdf)


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SPME Cold fibre

  • Full Evaluation of the Automated Cold Fiber Device Using Compounds with a Large Range of Volatility, Ruifen Jiang (spme_coldfiber.pdf)

Thin Film membranes

Thin Film brushes

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Thin Film and SPME fibre

  • Investigating the effect of cooling solid phase microextraction fiber and membrane on the extraction efficiency, Ruifen Jiang (spme_coolingtfme.pdf)

Needle Trap, Thin Film and SPME

  • Simultaneous sampling and analysis of indoor air infested by Cimexlectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) with solid phase microextraction, thin film microextraction and needle trap device, Sanja Risticevic (spme_ntd_tfme.pdf)