Internships Coordinator

For information on the Internships and the Peace and Conflict Studies programme, contact:

                                            Rachel Reist
                 Undergraduate Officer and Internships Coordinator

Your Internships Coordinator will give you a general understanding of the benefits, the challenges and how to go about enrolling in the program.

What to expect from a coordinator:

  • Your coordinator will give you time (by appointment) to work through developing and evaluating your internship placement proposal. They will also be there to give feedback and help problem solve once you have been accepted to a placement.
  • As they have time, your coordinator will participate in your orientation which will help to prepare you for your internship experience.
  • Your coordinator will be available to communicate with you (by email) while you are in your placement to give encouragement, to receive updates, to problem solve and give limited feedback.
  • Your coordinator will be available to you to help debrief after your return to Canada.
  • They will read through and respond to your journal.
  • Your coordinator will be available to write references for you.