SC Goal C2

Goal C2: Foster a connected and supportive community that inspires students, faculty, staff and alumni to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals while feeling valued.


C2A Inspire collaboration across the institution

C2B Develop a culture of involvement that fosters inclusivity and a sense of belonging

C2C Sustain a meaningful relationship with alumni world-wide

C2D Ensure continued connection with co–op students

C2E Broaden understanding and engagement of campus communities, alumni, and partners

Selected initiatives

Faculty highlights

Conversations Café: Speed Networking Events

The Conversations Café bring together Arts alumni across industries and students in a series of events that cover several relevant topics in the workplace today. After a panel discussion, students can participate in smaller breakout sessions for a more interactive experience. Find out more about how our alumni are supporting students

Critical Tech Talk

In the Critical Tech Talk series, Waterloo’s six faculties co-host a techno-critical speaker and invite students and local tech sector members to participate in a discussion about responsible innovation in the local tech ecology and beyond. Critical Tech Talk is produced by Waterloo’s Critical Media Lab and sponsored by Communitech, the Office of Research, and the six faculties. Learn more about this initiative

Luke Potwarka researching Esports motivations and experiences

With the rise in popularity of Esports, a group of researchers from Waterloo and the University of Warwick (UK) are collaborating to develop ways for event managers to create meaningful and inclusive spectator experiences. This knowledge can also be applied to enriching learning/teaching, research, and student experiences in higher education.

Connecting students with alumni

The ENV Connect community brings together students and alumni over career-driven conversations. Facilitated by the Faculty of Environment and Ten Thousand Coffees, students are given the opportunity to build their networks while gaining industry knowledge and advice from seasoned professionals. Learn more about conversations with ENV alumni

A step in the right direction

Alumni feel new role will make a difference to Waterloo Engineering 2SLGBTQ+ community

Waterloo is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone, and has created the new role of Associate Dean of Outreach, Equity and Diversity in the Faculty of Engineering to help drive those initiatives. The role will advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities so that all faculty, staff, and students can feel confident bringing their authentic selves to every aspect of university life. Read more about how alumni are making a difference.  

Selected indicators

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