SC Goal C4

Goal C4: Promote and support Indigenous initiatives and a culture of equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism for all.


C4A Act upon the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations and calls to action, and build relationships with the local Indigenous community

C4B Improve the representation, participation, and engagement of equity-deserving groups

C4C Advance programs and policies to foster equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism

Selected initiatives

Faculty highlights

Helping girls in Ghana lead the charge in mathematics and technology

An international collaboration in Ghana is sparking excitement among students and educators about the future of STEM.

Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing has partnered with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences to support their innovative Girls in Mathematical Sciences program, which brings together talented female secondary-school students in Ghana and across Africa to solve complex issues using math and technology. This program empowers young women to feel confident leading cutting-edge research and innovation projects, and connects them with experts and leaders across industries and disciplines. Find out more about this international girls and STEM project.

Q and A with the experts: Reclaiming Indigenous histories

Waterloo historian and anthropologist answers questions about the recovery and regeneration of Indigenous artifacts

The University of Waterloo celebrated National Indigenous Peoples Day by inviting historian and anthropologist Talena Atfield to speak about the recovery and regeneration of Indigenous artifacts, practices, and knowledges by answering some important questions. Learn more about reclaiming Indigenous histories.

Canadian universities work together to increase diversity in engineering and technology

Six more Canadian universities join initiative to increase academic diversity

The Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) PhD project, which supports and builds a network for Indigenous and Black graduate students, was started by a partnership between the Engineering and Math faculties of the University of Waterloo and five other major universities. This successful partnership has now grown to 12 Canadian universities, resulting in 16 doctoral fellows and 24 mentors in the project. Read more about this important national project.

Selected indicators