Ph.D. Candidate

Short biography

Kirsten RobinsonKirsten has worked in robotics and electrical engineering creating ethanol from waste cellulose, reducing pain from pressure on neurofibromas, and on building underwater robots, adjustable high-heeled shoes, operating systems for Blackberries, and energy models.


Paul Fieguth

Research interests

My research focuses on non-linear multiscale data assimilation for sea ice forecasting. I also work at The Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience at the University of Waterloo developing models to support decision makers. I am is interested in the common patterns that drive systems ranging from cells to societies and in what makes long-term prosperity possible.

Research topics

Multiresolution Techniques

Remote Sensing

Research demos

SAR Sea Ice Image Synthesis

Satellite SAR Sea Ice Classification

University of Waterloo

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