BayesShrink ridgelets for image denoising

TitleBayesShrink ridgelets for image denoising
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsN Kachouie, N., and P. Fieguth
Conference Name2004 International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition

The wavelet transform has been employed as an efficient method in image denoising via wavelet thresholding and shrinkage. The ridgelet transform was recently introduced as an alternative to the wavelet representation of two dimensional signals and image data. In this paper, a BayesShrink ridgelet denoising technique is proposed and its denoising performance is compared with a previous VisuShrink ridgelet method. To derive the results, different wavelet bases such as Daubechies, symlets and biorthogonal are used. Experimental results show that BayesShrink ridgelet denoising yields superior image quality and higher SNR than VisuShrink.