Design and establishment of multi-scale spatial information system based on regional planning and decision making

TitleDesign and establishment of multi-scale spatial information system based on regional planning and decision making
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsZhao, Y., and D. A. Clausi
Conference NameIEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Keywordsagriculture, China, decision making, decision support systems, forest, geographic information system, geographic information systems, geomatics, geophysical measurement technique, geophysical signal processing, geophysical techniques, geophysics computing, GIS, Jinghong, land surface, land use, metadata, multi-dimensional information display, multiscale spatial information system, population, regional planning, Remote Sensing, sharing technology, Simao, tourism, town and country planning, vegetation, WebGIS, Yunnan Province

Fast development of Geomatics and network integrated technology demonstrates that spatial information are widely used in regional planning and decision making. Existing non-standardized multi-sources and multi-scales data have a shortage of spatial information sharing in both internal and external application departments or units, especially in the network era. A pilot regional planning and decision making spatial information system based on a standardized and network sharing technology is presented in this paper. The research area is composed of eight counties in Jinghong Region and Simao Region of Yunnan Province in China. Spatial information resources such as remote sensing, digital maps, and paper maps are collected from different departments. Statistics data such as agriculture, forest, earthquake hazard, ore, hydrogeology, ecology, transportation, population, tourism, and trade, etc. are the composition of the application system. The system will be mainly used by regional planners and managers in the province and the regions via Internet. The applications of general users are also considered. Geographic Metadata standardization for spatial information is used as an Internet engine between users and datasets. Arc/INFO and ArcView GIS are the basic software for information integration. WebGIS is used for spatial information sharing design and GeoMedia is accepted as a basic web software platform. Other software for multi-dimensional information display and management are designed and applied for virtual reality planning and application in the project