Hierarchical multiscale modeling of wavelet-based correlations

TitleHierarchical multiscale modeling of wavelet-based correlations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAzimifar, Z., P. Fieguth, and E. Jernigan
Conference NameStructural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition, Joint IAPR International Workshops
ISBN Number3-540-44011-9

This paper presents a multiscale-based analysis of the statistical dependencies between the wavelet coefficients of random fields. In particular, in contrast to common decorrelated-coefficient models, we find that the correlation between wavelet scales can be surprisingly substantial, even across several scales. In this paper we investigate eight possible choices of statistical-interaction models, from trivial models to wavelet-based hierarchical Markov stochastic processes. Finally, the importance of our statistical approach is examined in the context of Bayesian estimation.