Incremental shape reconstruction using stereo image sequences

TitleIncremental shape reconstruction using stereo image sequences
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsMoyung, T. J., and P. Fieguth
Conference NameInternational Conference on Image Processing
Keywordsartificial satellites, Computer Vision, dense representation, dynamic estimation, feature correspondences, Feature Extraction, image matching, image reconstruction, image representation, image sequences, incremental shape reconstruction, iterative feature matching algorithm, minimal domain specific constraints, multiple hypothesis testing, parameter estimation, reconstructed object, satellite docking, satellite rendezvous, space vision application, stereo image processing, stereo image sequences, stereo sequences processing, structure estimation

The limitations of estimating structure from either stereo or motion alone can be addressed by the use of stereo image sequences; however, many existing techniques for processing stereo sequences rely on having accurate feature correspondences initially. We present an iterative feature matching and shape reconstruction algorithm. The proposed method simultaneously resolves matching ambiguities by multiple hypothesis testing and develops an incrementally accurate and dense representation of the reconstructed object. This approach uses minimal domain specific constraints and can be easily generalised. The method's potential is demonstrated in a space vision application.