Indirect knowledge-based approach to non-rigid multi-modal registration of medical images

TitleIndirect knowledge-based approach to non-rigid multi-modal registration of medical images
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsWong, A., and W. Bishop
Conference Name20th Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
Keywordsbiomedical MRI, CT, image registration, indirect knowledge-based approach, knowledge engineering, medical image processing, medical images, medical imaging techniques, MRI, nonrigid multimodal image registration, patient diagnosis, PET, positron emission tomography

Information acquired using different medical imaging techniques (e.g., MRI, PET, CT, etc.) can be combined to get a clear understanding of the overall condition of a patient for the purpose of diagnosis. Registering images from different modalities without a priori knowledge is difficult since the images may have very different intensity mappings and structural characteristics. This paper presents a novel approach to the multi-modal registration of medical images through the use of a priori knowledge to align medical images using an indirect mapping. The proposed algorithm uses stored information from successful alignment results to infer a relationship between the input images from different modalities. This relationship is then used to estimate the transformations needed to align the medical images together. Experimental results show that a high level of accuracy can be achieved using the proposed algorithm to align medical images from different modalities.