Large scale dynamic estimation of ocean surface temperature

TitleLarge scale dynamic estimation of ocean surface temperature
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsFieguth, P., F. M. Khellah, M. J. Murray, and M. R. Allen
Conference NameIEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
KeywordsAlong-Track Scanning Radiometer data, ATSR data, geophysical signal processing, image processing, Kalman filter, Kalman filters, large scale dynamic estimation, multiscale estimation algorithm, ocean surface temperature, oceanographic techniques, prediction step, prediction theory, radiometry, recursive estimation, recursive estimation algorithm, recursive filters, update step

This paper addresses the dynamic estimation of the ocean surface temperature based on data from the Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR) for large (512 times;512) fields. For such huge problems, the conventional dynamic estimation tool (the Kalman filter) is not directly applicable, instead, we develop a recursive estimation algorithm that emulates the Kalman filter. Our approach uses a multiscale estimation algorithm for the update step, and makes simplifying assumptions about the surface dynamics leading to a computationally efficient prediction step