Low Cost Visual/Inertial Hybrid Motion Capture System for Wireless 3D Controllers

TitleLow Cost Visual/Inertial Hybrid Motion Capture System for Wireless 3D Controllers
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWong, A.
Academic DepartmentElectrical and Computer Engineering
UniversityUniversity of Waterloo
CityWaterloo, Ontario, Canada

It is my thesis that a cost-effective motion capture system for wireless 3D controllers can be developed through the use of low-cost inertial measurement devices and camera systems. Current optical motion capture systems require a number of expensive high-speed cameras. The use of such systems is impractical for many applications due to its high cost. This is particularly true for consumer-level wireless 3D controllers. More importantly, optical systems are capable of directly tracking an object with only three degrees of freedom. The proposed system attempts to solve these issues by combining a low-cost camera system with low-cost micro-machined inertial measurement devices such as accelerometers and gyro sensors to provide accurate motion tracking with a full six degrees of freedom. The proposed system combines the data collected from the various sensors in the system to obtain position information about the wireless 3D controller with 6 degrees of freedom. The system utilizes a number of calibration, error correction, and sensor fusion techniques to accomplish this task. The key advantage of the proposed system is that it combines the high long-term accuracy and low frequency nature of the camera system and complements it with the low long-term accuracy and high frequency nature of the inertial measurement devices to produce a system with a high level of long-term accuracy with detailed high frequency information about the motion of the wireless 3D controller.