TitleMAGIC: MAp-Guided Ice Classification system for operational analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsClausi, D. A., K. Qin, M. S. Chowdhury, P. Yu, and P. Maillard
JournalCanadian Journal of Remote Sensing
PaginationS13 - S25
KeywordsCanadian Ice Service, image classification, MAGIC, map-guided ice classification, operational analysis, radar imaging, SAR sea ice images, sea ice, synthetic aperture radar

A map-guided ice classification (MAGIC) system that aims at effectively interpreting SAR sea ice images using the associated ice charts in an operational environment is presented. As an ongoing project, MAGIC version 1.0 has been developed using operational SAR image data from the Canadian ice service (CIS). MAGIC is intended to not only be used for SAR sea ice classification research and development, but also used for classification research of generic digital imagery using the available fundamental and advanced algorithms. At some point, we hope to make the system freely available.