Motion Detection in High Resolution Enhancement

TitleMotion Detection in High Resolution Enhancement
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHu, X., A. Ma, A. Gawish, M. Lamm, and P. Fieguth
Conference NameConference on Vision and Imaging Systems

Shifted Superposition (SSPOS) is a resolution enhancement method where apparent high-resolution content is displayed using a low-resolution projection system with an opto-mechanical shifter. While SSPOS-enhanced projectors have been showing promising results in still images, they still suffer from motion artifacts in video contents. Motivated by this, we present a novel approach to apparent projector resolution enhancement for videos via motion-based blurring module. We propose the use of a motion detection module and a blurring module to compensate for both SSPOS-resulted and natural motion artifacts in the video content. To accomplish this, we combine both local and global motion estimation algorithms to generate accurate dense flow fields. The detected motion regions are enhanced using directional Gaussian filters. Preliminary results show that the proposed method can produce accurate dense motion vectors and significantly reduce the artifacts in videos.

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