Multiresolution stochastic imaging of satellite oceanographic altimetric data

TitleMultiresolution stochastic imaging of satellite oceanographic altimetric data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsFieguth, P., A. S. Willsky, and W. C. Karl
Conference NameImage Processing, 1994. Proceedings. ICIP-94., IEEE International Conference
Keywordserror statistics, geophysical signal processing, higher order state models, image reconstruction, large data assimilation problems, multiresolution stochastic imaging, multiscale estimation framework, multiscale framework, oceanographic techniques, overlapping tree models, radar altimetry, radar imaging, remote sensing by radar, satellite oceanographic altimetric data, smoothing methods, state estimation, stochastic processes, surface estimates, surface reconstruction problem, Topex/Poseidon ocean altimetric data, trees, trees (mathematics)

Large data assimilation problems present a number of challenges, many of which the authors' multiscale estimation framework is capable of addressing. They demonstrate the application of their estimation framework to an oceanographic data assimilation problem of considerable interest: the smoothing of Topex/Poseidon ocean altimetric data. they produce surface estimates and error statistics on a 512 times;512 grid in one minute on a Sparc-10. Using a generic surface reconstruction problem they demonstrate alternative uses of the multiscale framework: higher order state models, combining estimates from an ensemble of trees, and overlapping tree models