Multiresolution stochastic processing of Topex/Poseidon oceanographic altimetry

TitleMultiresolution stochastic processing of Topex/Poseidon oceanographic altimetry
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsFieguth, P., W. C. Karl, and A. S. Willsky
Conference NameIEEE OCEANS'94
Keywordsalgorithm, data assimilation, data smoothing, geophysical signal processing, geophysics computing, measurement technique, multiresolution stochastic processing, multiscale model, ocean dynamics, ocean surface, oceanographic techniques, Poseidon, radar altimetry, radar applications, radar imaging, radar signal processing, Remote Sensing, remote sensing by radar, satellite remote sensing, sea surface, signal processsing, Topex

Remarkable advances in remote sensing are producing measurements on increasingly finer grids, offering the possibility of a far better understanding and characterization of the ocean surface. The sheer quantity of measurements has rendered traditional data smoothing/assimilation algorithms obsolete however, even on high performance workstations; the basis of this paper is the application of an extremely fast multiresolution smoothing framework to ocean altimetry data. Using the previously developed multiresolution framework, a simple multiscale model is developed which captures the characteristic power-law spectrum of the ocean surface. Smoothing altimetric data and computing error variances on a grid of 512 by 512 points is accomplished in about 10 seconds on a SUN Sparc-10. Finally, further applications of this framework within the oceanographic context are discussed, including model identification and anomaly detection