SAR Image Denoising via Clustering-Based Principal Component Analysis

TitleSAR Image Denoising via Clustering-Based Principal Component Analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsXu, L., J. Li, Y. Shu, and J. Peng
JournalIEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Start Page6858
Pagination6858 - 6869
KeywordsClustering, denoising, linear minimum meansquare error (LMMSE), minimum description length (MDL), principal component analysis (PCA), speckle noise, synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

The combination of nonlocal grouping and transformed domain filtering has led to the state-of-the-art denoising techniques. In this paper, we extend this line of study to the denoising of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images based on clustering the noisy image into disjoint local regions with similar spatial structure and denoising each region by the linear minimum mean-square error (LMMSE) filtering in principal component analysis (PCA) domain. Both clustering and denoising are performed on image patches. For clustering, to reduce dimensionality and resist the influence of noise, several leading principal components identified by the minimum description length criterion are used to feed the K-means clustering algorithm. For denoising, to avoid the limitations of the homomorphic approach, we build our denoising scheme on additive signal-dependent noise model and derive a PCA-based LMMSE denoising model for multiplicative noise. Denoised patches of all clusters are finally used to reconstruct the noise-free image. The experiments demonstrate that the proposed algorithm achieved better performance than the referenced state-of-the-art methods in terms of both noise reduction and image detail preservation.

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