Text Enhancement in Projected Imagery

TitleText Enhancement in Projected Imagery
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
Conference NameConference on Vision and Imaging Systems

There is great interest in improving the visual quality of projected imagery. In particular, for image enhancement, we would assert that text and non-text regions should be enhanced differently in seeking to maximize perceived quality, since the spatial and statistical characteristics of text and non-text images are quite distinct. In this paper, we present a text enhancement scheme based on a novel local dynamic range statistical thresholding. Given an input image, text-like regions are obtained on the basis of computing the local statistics of regions having a high dynamic range, allowing a pixel-wise classification into text-like or background classes. The actual enhancement is obtained via class-dependent Wiener filtering, with text-like regions sharpened more than the background. Experimental results on four challenging images show that the proposed scheme offers better visual quality than projection without enhancement as well as a recent state-of-the-art enhancement method.

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