Project Participant Goals

Project Participant Goals.docx

Purpose of Project Participant Goals

Projects can provide significant learning opportunities for team members.  The purpose of the Individual Project Goals Plan is to document the personal goals of project team members with respect to their work on the project.  These goals may involve learning new tools or processes, gaining knowledge of a new campus partner group, and/or taking on a different role, for example.  By documenting each team member’s goals for the project, the Project Manager and the team member’s functional manager will be better able to support the individual to achieve their goals.  Once the goals have been documented, the plan can be reviewed and modified as appropriate throughout the project. 


Creating an Project Participant Goal Plan is optional, but highly recommended.  An Project Participant Goal Plan can be completed by each project team member.  S/he will then review the plan with his/her functional manager and then the project manager.   By sharing their goals and objectives with the functional manager and the project manager, the project team member will be able to determine if their expectations are realistic and achievable.  This sharing will also enable the functional manager and project manager to support the project team member in achieving the goals and objectives for the project. 


  1. At project planning
    • Identify your individual professional goals/objectives for the project. (E.g. enhance your business knowledge, learn new tools or processes, skills development, etc.) and review with your manager and the Project Manager.  Update the plan based on these discussions.
  2. Interim reviews (Recommended at least annually or at completion of significant project phases)
    • Evaluate your progress towards meeting your goals and objectives by reviewing your progress with your manager and the Project Manager. Determine if any changes are required and update the plan appropriately.
  3. At project close out
    • Evaluate your success at meeting your goals and objectives by reviewing your evaluation with the Project Manager and with your functional manager.  Solicit 360 degree feedback from project team members, if desired to validate your evaluation and to gain further insight.  Questions could be as follows:
      • What did I do well?
      • What are my opportunities for improvement?
      • General comments

(Note: you can send a request for 360 degree yourself or ask your functional manager to do so on your behalf.  The latter approach is more likely to result in honest feedback as long as the functional manager confirms that all feedback will remain confidential.)

Ask your functional manager and the Project Manager to document their feedback and, if applicable, the results of the 360 degree feedback. Discuss the evaluation and performance feedback with your functional manager.