Project Communications Lead

What is a Project Communications Lead?

A project communications lead identifies, plans and delivers strategic communications content across multiple channels to advance project goals. The project communications lead works closely with the project manager and project team to develop a project communications plan and to deliver messaging, presentations, reports and other materials that support the project with a strong focus on people.

How do I define who the project communications lead should be?

Skills required for an effective project communications lead include: 

  • Strong written and verbal communications 
  • Knowledge of project planning and communication plans 
  • Working knowledge of website best practices, social media and digital marketing 
  • Understanding of communications design, development and execution 
  • Strategic thinking to align communications messaging with project priorities 
  • Knowledge of stakeholder engagement practices in projects 

What are the project communications lead's responsibilities?

  • Project communications planning and execution to support promotion, marketing and awareness activities 

  • Support a communications strategy that reflects the project goals and takes into context project constraints 

  • Ensure consistency of messaging across internal channels 

  • Work with project team and project stakeholders to prepare messaging, reports, presentations and other materials 

  • Maintain an understanding of stakeholder project needs and ensure tone, language and format of internal communication meets those needs 

  • Developing strategies for mitigating potential risks as they relate to communications 

  • Explore employee engagement and understand the context for internal communication by identifying challenges and barriers and suggest actions for improvement 

  • Provide guidance to project communications activities such as preparing and conducting surveys, analyzing and presenting survey results, conducting interviews, consultations and focus groups