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  • Business processes are a collection of interrelated tasks which accomplish a particular goal. These are typically represented with a diagram (process flow is the most typical)
  • A business process can be decomposed into sub-process(es)
  • Business processes are designed to add value for the customer and should not include unnecessary activities
  • Documentation should include the process flow diagram, a description of parent business activity/process (if applicable), a text description of the process, triggers,  inputs, outputs, and participants
  • The current business processes model becomes the baseline model and is the starting point for documenting changes to the business process(es). The following information is required to document the baseline:
    • Desired outcome of the process
    • Start and end points (customer need and customer need fulfillment)
    • Activities to be performed
    • Order of activities
    • People who perform the activities
    • Documents and forms used and exchanged between functions and from customers and suppliers