Scheduling Tools and Templates

There are many different software tools that can be used for project schedules and visuals of project timelines.  A tool should be chosen that is reflective of project size and complexity so that the functionality in the tool is robust enough to assist the Project Manager to effectively manage the project.

Alternatives for scheduling software tools

Current licenses that are in place allow for the following software alternatives.

  • Project 2019/Project Online: a project scheduling tool that provides functionality for tasks, duration/effort, dependencies, assignments (gantt charts), calendars. Project 2019 is available for a fee through the IST Store. Alternatively, project online is available by requesting a quote. Refer to the knowledge base article for more information if you are interested in obtaining these Microsoft products.
  • Excel: there is not really any scheduling functionality for task dependencies, critical path, et cetera in Excel but it is a very useful tool for calculations pertaining to schedules in projects, such as agile burndown charts. 
  • Jira Software (Cloud): is a tool supporting Agile (Scrum, Kanban, Hybrid) processes centered around task completion during project execution. It includes functionality for overall backlog management. Timelines level of detail with dependencies for planning and completion is available. There is functionality to support tracking of completion metrics including sprint, velocity, feature and release level burndown and burnup charts.
  • Planner: is an app that is available through MS Teams to allow for some simple scheduling and task management within the MS Teams application, using a Kanban format. If you do not have access to Planner, please submit a request to IST.

Alternatives for software for schedule timelines

Project timelines can and should be depicted visually for different stakeholders.