UW Wind Generation Research Facility

The world class UW Wind Generation Research Facility, a large scale indoor wind generation facility, is owned and operated by the University of Waterloo and is used for research in wind turbines, structures and components. It is a 5500 ft2 free span structure that houses a bank of 6 100 hp fans with independent variable speed control. The bank is capable of delivering winds between 0 m/s and 14 m/s over a 10mx20m jet exit area.

Floorplan and Fanbank

The large enclosure can be configured for studies of many different wind profiles including shear and high turbulence. The labs and test areas are equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and measurement instrumentation supported by a 380 channel, computerized data acquisition system. The off-campus facility is also well equipped with advanced test and analysis equipment, and features an array of tools and machines for on-site adjustments and modifications during testing.

Windmill in fanbank