Green Gate project

Streetlight and security gate powered by wind and solar energy

Collage of green gate wind and solar energy

The Green Gate project; a collaborative effort between the Region of Waterloo and the Fluids Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. An electric security gate and streetlight were needed at Waterloo Landfill Gate #3 - the entrance to the Waterloo Region Emergency Services Training and Research Complex (WRESTRC). The WRESTRC is a shared training and research facility between the Region of Waterloo and the University of Waterloo. It was not feasible to power the security gate and streetlight by conventional means since it was too far from the WRESTRC. The purpose of this project was to run the security gate and streetlight with a reliable, renewable energy system. This was achieved with a wind turbine, solar panel and battery pack. The entire system is housed in a small shed adjacent to the security gate and streetlight.

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